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Imlie is an Indian drama serial released on November 16, 2020, still ongoing series, and this drama is based on Bengali drama series named Ishti Kutum.

Imlie Tv Serial Cast

    Name  Imlie



Drama , Romance 

   Directed by  

Atif Khan, Rahul Tiwari, Ajay kumar, Pawan Kumar Jha

   Produced by   

 4 lions company , Gul khan 

 Written by    Aparajita Sharma, Divy Nidhi Sharma, Sachin Shukla 
 Country of origin  India 
 language  Hindi
 No. of episodes  632
No. of seasons  2
Original network  Star Plus 
Show timings  Monday to Friday, 08:30 pm
Running timing  21-23 minutes
 Camera setup  Multi-camera
Cinematography  Nidhin Valanday 


Imlie cast real names:

Here is the cast of Imlie drama serial:

Main Cast:

  • Sumbul Touqeer khan as Imlie Aryan ( main lead )
  • Fahmann Khan as Aryan Singh Rathore (main lead)
  • Gashmeer Mahajani as Aditya Kumar Tripathi (Imlie’s former husband)
  • Mayuri Deshmukh as Malini Chaturvedi (Imlie’s half-sister, Aditya’s former wife)
  • Megha Chakarborty as Imlie Atharva Rathor ( Imlie and Aryan’s daughter)
  • Seerat Kapoor as Cheeni Tripati (Malini and Aditya’s daughter)
  • Karan Vohra as Atharva Rana (Imlie’s husband)

Supporting Cast:

  • Bobby Parvez as Rudra Rana (Atharva’s father)
  • Chitrali Gupte as Devilka Rana (Rudra’s wife)
  • Jitendra Bohara as Akash Rana (Atharva’s elder brother)
  • Hetal Yadav as Shivani Rana (Atharva’s aunt )
  • Saumya Saraswat as Keya Akash Rana( Akash’s wife)
  • Riyansh Dabhi as Jagdeep Prasad (Aryan and Imlie’s nephew)
  • Kiran khoje as Meethi (Imlie’s mother)
  • Vijay Kumar as Satykam (Imlie’s step father)
  • Meena Naithani as Dulari Devi (Meethi’s mother)
  • Gaurav Mukesh as Sundar Prasad (Jagdeep’s father)
  • Rajshri Rani as Arpita Parsad (Aryan’s sister)
  • Neetu Pandey as Narmada Rathore (Aryan’s mother)
  • Indraneel Bhattacharya as Dev Chaturvedi ( Malini and Imlie’s father)
  • Jyoti Gauba as Anuja Chaturvadi (Imlie’s step mother)
  • Piloo Vidyarthi as Janki Chaturvedi ((Dev’s mother)
  • Ritu Chaudhary as Aparna Tripathi (Aditya’s mother)
  • Chandresh Singh as Pankaj Tripathi (Aditya’s father )
  • Rakesh Maudhgal as Hairsh Tripathi( Pankaj’s brother)
  • Vijaylaxmi Singh as Radha Tripathi(Harish’s wife)
  • Preet Kaur Nayak as Rupali Tripathi ( Harish’s daughter)
  • Tasheen Shah aas Tanushree Tripathi (Rupali and Parnav’s daughter)
  • Arham Abbasi as Nishanth Tripathi(Radha and Harish’s son)
  • Chandni Bhagwanani as Pallavi Tripathi(Nishanth’s wife)
  • Faisla Sayed as Dhruv Tripati (Radha and Harish’s elder son)
  • Astha Agarwal as Nidhi Tripathi (Dhruv’s wife)
  • Jared Saville as Prashant Tripathi( Nidhi and Dhruv’s son)
  • Komal Kushwaha as Imlie’s friend 
  • Amit Anand Raut as Sanju (kidnapper of imlie)
  • Amarnath kumar as Balmesh (Aditya’s informer)
  • Karan Thakur as Arvind Chauhan (Arpita’s first husband)
  • Vishwa Gulati as Kunal Chauhan ( A lawyer who killed Malini)
  • Naren Kumar as Prakash (Imlies’s best friend )
  • Sailesh Gulabani as Pranav (Rupali’s ex-husband)
  • Suraj Sonik as Shashnak (Malini’s cousin )
  • Vishal Shrama as Tripathi’s family doctor
  • Neelima Singh as Neela (Aryan’s aunt)
  • Reshma Prashant as Preeta ( Aryan’s friend )
  • Suryansh Mishra as Madhav Tiwari (Imlies’s cameraman and friend )
  • Veer Singh as Uday(Arpita’s ex fiancé)
  • Vaibahvi Kapoor as Jyoti Rawat( Aryan’s college friend )
  • Aamir Salim Khan as Harinder (jyoti’s ex husband) 

Imlie plot story:

Imlie is drama serial based on the life of a young teenage girl named Imlie, her life complications and the way she handles those problems is shown, how she learns to get accommodate to world. Then with generation lap story of her daughter, also named Imlie and her cousin Cheeni’s love story and there life is shown. 

As the drama starts Imlie is a village girl of Pagdandia a small village in Utar Prasdesh. Imlie was born because of one night stand of Meethi with Dev Chaturvedi a man from city who doesn’t take responsibility and leaves Meethi impregnated, after this incidence villagers made a rule that if any man spends night with girl he should marry her otherwise will be killed. Aditya known as Adi comes to Pagdandia to interview Satyakam, Imlie’s father fighting for his village rights.

Aditya is engaged to Malini Chaturvedi. While helping Adi, Imlie had to stay with him in hut to get refuge from thunderstorm, but villagers misunderstood them by thinking they spent night with each other and forces them to marry. On reaching Adi’s house, she introduces herself as maid to save him. But Adi treats her harshly and thinks of leaving her. Imlie wins everyone hearts due to her beliefs about marriage. Adi marries Malini.

For some work Adi goes to Pagdandia and decides to leave Imlie there permanently, but soon realizes his true feelings and tells Malini that Imlie is his first wife. Imlie gets to know about her father when she comes back and say’s her father is Satyakam and no one else can be. Tripathi family slanders her on being illegitimate daughter. Imlie tells Adi that she wants to be journalist just like him and he encourages her.

Malini being jealous attempts a fake suicide with the help of Anu on which Adi brings her back. Malini manipulates Satyakam by telling him that Adi is cheating on Imlie, on which he tries to kill Adi, but Imlie Saves him. Malini once again makes an evil move by drugging Adi and spending night with him. On hearing this Imlie gets heartbroken and reports Malini to police. But in the court the video proof gets deleted by Adi because he doesn’t want Malini to be in jail as she is pregnant.

Imlie despite being heartbroken allows Malini to stay because she doesn’t want the baby to live without father name. Malini doesn’t stops her bad deeds and tries her best to separate Imlie and Adi, at last she shoots herself and frames Imlie for this, on which Satyakam takes all blame and goes to jail. Losing all patience she leaves Adi by burning her chain and removing Sindoor. Aryan a great businessmen, misunderstands that Adi is responsible for his brother in law death.

He offers Imlie internship. They get close. Adi misunderstand their relationship, divorces her, and marries to Malini again. Aditya frames Adi about false reporting get his license ban, on which Imlie asks him to save Adi. So Aditya asks her to marry her and only then he will help Adi. So, against her will she agrees and they get married. She proves that real culprit and person responsible for Arvind’s death is Seth Purandas by recording voice record, but she is unable to handover the proof to Aryan because she gets kidnaped by Seth.

Aditya learns truth, while trying to save her, and apologies to Adi and decides to leave Imlie out of guilt. But Imlie chooses him. Arpita gets married to Sundar after some problems that Imlie handles. Jyoti Aryan’s college friend enters their life who love Aryan, and tries to separate him from Imlie, and tries to kill Imlie. Aryan and Imlie both goes under emotional trauma but they handle somehow.

Jyoti also tries to harm them but they get close and Imlie with the help of Harinder exposes all evil plans of jyoti in front of Aryan. Aryan and Imlie finds a baby on road takes her home, that turns out to be daughter of Malini, and tells Imlie she doesn’t care about her daughter she just used her to get everything from, and harms her, which causes miscarriage of Imlie. On which she leaves house because Aryan blamed her for their loss. She finds Cheeni and takes her to Pagandia.

After five years somehow Aryan meets Imlie and they spend night with each other under the effect of bhang they drank. They are then blessed with baby girl. Malini sets bomb to kill Imlie in which Imlie, Aryan and Malini die. As 20 years pass Cheeni and Imlie (daughter of Imlie and Aryan) are grown up, each with different personalities, both girls meet Atharva Rana, who falls in love with Cheeni and tells her his feelings so Cheeni decided to show fake love to get Atharva property, but fails to marry him. On the manipulation of Cheeni, Atharva marries Imlie.    

Imlie latest news:

In the latest episodes of drama Cheeni is having affair with Atharva secretly, but as the time passes he feels guilty for doing this to both sisters and decides to tell truth to Imlie. Atharva and Imlie gets caught in fire but they manage to escape. Cheeni tries some evil ways again to separate Imlie form Atharva.

Imlie upcoming twist:

In upcoming twist Imlie and Atharva will ask Cheeni to leave the house, which will make her shock because she planned that Imlie will not let her leave.